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chemical additives without any classified hazardous chemicals, according to ECHA/REACH pesticied register.

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    Bio-Eco® products

    MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) cleaning products

    MSDS (material Safety Data Sheet) impregnation products

    MHE® products

    MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)


  • Reduce the dependence of fossil fuel.
  • Reduce CO2 emission
  • Reduce the distance between raw material sources and production and business markets.
  • It reduces transports dramatically.
  • Support local production, generate jobs.
  • Local jobs, generate tax incomes to the society.

  • Marketing & Selling Bio-Eco®products - via wholesaler business network.
  • Establishing independent Bio-Eco® national product manufacturing plants.
  • Independent production plants, financed by national governments,VC-funds and private capital investment.
  • Generate local jobs, generate tax incomes in return to the governments.
  • In compensation for 20% of the established independent production company shares

  • Cooperation Agreement established, between Biomimetic Technology Ltd and JL Kemi AB Sweden.
    ( to guarantee chemical processing capability of Bio-Eco® and MHE® products.




    Biomimetic Technology Ltd (the UK R&D chemical laboratory company) - a company focused on developing cost-effective, without any classified hazardous chemicals according to ECHA/REACH pesticide register, in nature biodegradable chemical additives respectively standalone products.

    Biomimetic Technology Ltd is looking for capital investments to develop the existing company business, by establishment of national European located chemical production abilities (2,000 MT per annum) aimed for - Bio-Eco® modified cellulose cleaning products - TT-18 (household); TT-19 (industrial); machine wash TT-14 (white); machine wash TT-15 (color)

    Bio-Eco® modified cellulose (cellulose carboxy) represent a broad spectrum of stand-alone products.
    There are stand-alone products, aimed for cleaning of heavily soiled surfaces, both for housholds, as well as for industrial applications.
    But also, products for impregnation of natural fiber materials, to withstand ignition, respectively mould, algae, fungus, rot attacks etc.

  • Bio-Eco® TT40 has been successfully tested, by the Swedish accredited test institute RISE (, to meet required functionality to withstand black mould etc. on wooden panels.
  • Bio-Eco® TT33 is developed to impregnate construction wood (timber/logs etc) to withstand ignition in contact with open flames.
  • Bio-Eco® TT32 is developed to impregnate thin paper sheet to withstand ignition in contact with open flames.

  • Veneers, aimed for the furniture industry, impregnated with TT31, have also been successfully tested to withstand ignition in contact with open flames.

  • Textiles like cotton, jute, hemp etc. impregnated with TT30 have also been successfully tested to withstand ignition in contact with open flames.

  • Biomimetic Technology Ltd intend to participate in mission to establish national located independent production facilities (2,000 MT per annum), close to the national customer markets.
    It will reduce transport costs, making a less polluted environment, increasing number of jobs locally, in Europe, North America and Australia.

    Biomimetic Technology Ltd hereby offers 1/3 of the Biomimetic company, in compensation for € 1,500,000 Euro.


    Except of the above mentioned business offer, Biomimetic Technology Ltd offers the following Options below;

    Option Q2/2021

    In an effort to raise working capital, Biomimetic has developed a business solution that ought to appeal to potential stakeholders of the MHE® technology product development (IP & Patents).
    Products without any classified hazardous chemicals, in accordance with ECHA/REACH pesticide register, including the Swedish Chemicals Agency pesticide register.
    MHE® products are developed for treatment of natural fibre materials respectively synthetic materials - polymer, plastic and fibres

    Biomimetic offers for sale, the British company Yaaparra Ltd together with a legal right of the MHE® IP concerning an application requested.

    1.) The British company Yaaparra Ltd - 100% owned by Biomimetic Technology Ltd.
    2.) Yaaparra Ltd has a tax deduction of £ 268,000 GBP to be used
    3.) MHE® technology product development is a part of Yaaparra Ltd
    4.) Yaaparra Ltd is offered for sale to a price of £ 500,000 GBP
    5.) The buyer of Yaaparra Ltd might sell the MHE® IP further to its sub-division company.
    6.) After the purchase, the sub-division company - the new owner of Yaaparra Ltd - now is able to use the tax deduction of £ 268,000 GBP from HMRC - tax refund.

    Then sub-division company - the new owner - has then paid (£ 500,000 - £ 268,000) = £ 232,000 GBP, ($ 319,385 USD)(€ 271,555Euro) to become the owner of the MHE® technology product development
    regarding the application requested - the cost-efficient, without any classified hazardous chemicals, in accordance with ECHA/REACH pesticide register.

    In other words, a cost-effective, absolute non-toxic, eco-friendly, in nature biodegradable chemical additive product development exclusively achieved for less than € 272,000 Euro, or less than what a team of higher graduated chemical civil engineers employed might cost a company to develop something competitive.
    That makes this extra ordinary business offer to become a "win-win" case.

    The sales might for example include one of the following subjects,

  • MHE® product formulas regarding impregnation to withstand ignition in contact with open flames concerning
    PU-foam (MDI/TDI), PU-resin, PVC-film, soft PVC, PVC-resin, Polyester, Polyamide, EPDM-rubber etc.
    PU-foam respectively PVC-film have been tested by the Swedish accredited fire safety test institute RISE ( in accordance with the European fire safety standard regarding construction materials.

  • MHE® products for treatment of natural fibre materials to impregnate special paper, filter etc.

  • MHE®FF respective PFF for active respectively preventiv wild forest fire fighting, saving lives and properties.
  • Please, kindly assist to replace the frequently used harmful chemical additives
    in mission to get a more healthy environment on the Earth Planet.

    To get more information about MHE® & Bio-Eco® technical product development,
    PLEASE, kindly contact Biomimetic Technology Ltd by E-Mail -

    Kind regards

    Mats Nilsson

    Biomimetic Technology Ltd
    24 Old Queen Street
    London SW1H 9HP
    United Kingdom

    Biomimetic Technology Ltd is a part of Trulstech Group international business network