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Chapter 10


  • Bio-Eco (natural fibre materials) and MHE®(synthetic materials), both are rookies on the $6-7 billion USD (year 2016) flame retardant market of industrial material product applications, annually and globally.
    A global market with an annual growth of 6.9%.
    An industrial material market requesting sustainable, non-toxic and eco-friendly chemical flame retardant additives to replace most of the existing harmful chemical flame retardants, frequently used today.
    Many of the harmful chemical flame retardants are on the UNEP (United Nation Environmental Program) abandon list.

    Both MHE® and Bio-Eco have potential to become a benchmark standard regarding many flame retardant treated synthetic respectively natural fibre host material applications.

  • The US Military has taken MHE® flame retardant products as a benchmark standard for textiles in clothes etc., regarding future orders.
    Australian textile manufacturers have integrated MHE® products into different textile fibers, meeting the manufacturers' specification in terms of both mechanical and flame retardant functionality.

    The MHE® advantage, in comparison with other flame retardants on the global FR business market of today, has got UNEP to pay attention to the natural non-toxic, eco-friendly, low carbon sustainable innovation technology of MHE® flame retardant chemical additives.

    P.R. of China represents a huge flame retardant business market estimated to consume 850,000 MT annually (year 2016).

    Asia-Pacific represents 48% of the global flame retardant market consumption.

    Other rapidly growing flame retardant markets are South America and South Africa.
    The economies in both these regions belong to the fastest growing in the world, based on the industrial production development, in combination with low raw material costs and low wages.

    North America and Europe are the main export target markets regarding flame retardant treated consumer products.