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Chapter 3




It's not wrong to claim that both MHE® and Bio-Eco products represent a paradigm shift concerning chemical flame retardants.
Every paradigm shift takes very long time before the academic world, as well as the chemical processing industries, accept a technical shift to occur.
Even though a new product with no harm to humans or other living organisms is a good alternative to apply, it is lots of other obstacles to overcome before a market establishment is achieved.

Numbers of different MHE® and Bio-Eco treated host materials have successfully been tested at chemical laboratories.
Each MHE® and Bio-Eco treated host material has been sent to the laboratories by potential customers in Europe, Australia and USA.
The MHE® treated host materials concern synthetic polymers, plastics and fibre materials.
Bio-Eco treated host materials concern natural fibre materials, like timber, wood, paper, cotton, hemp, jute etc.
Both MHE® respectively Bio-Eco treated host material laboratory test trials have so far convinced the potential customers to proceed scaling-up the MHE® respectively Bio-Eco treatment from laboratory test trials via a small scale industrial processing up to a full scale industrial processing.

It takes time to go from laboratory test trials via fire safety standard certifications by accredited test institutes up to full scale industrial production test trial.
It is obvious that after 15 years of product development, MHE® is finally at right time to market. Bio-Eco - the modified cellulose - was developed in year 2019, but has already achieved to be at the right time to market.


Both MHE® and Bio-Eco are developed, inspired from the nature, based on a low carbon sustainable innovation product technology.
Technologies that open-up for new types of cost-effective, natural non-toxic and eco-friendly, in nature biodegradable chemical additives, good alternatives to many of the harmful flame retardants frequently utilized today.

Neither MHE® nor Bio-Eco products seem to make any harm to any of the respectively treated host materials, in terms of functionality or mechanical property.