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Chapter 5



MHE® can be flexibly adapted to meet the specific needs of your materials and products - in various forms:

  • MHE® flame retardant products are offered as;
      powder particle additives (uncoated or soft coated) , or
      paste or
      gel or
      aqueous solution

    MHE® powder consists of small rounded very tiny particles, produced in a size less than 0.005 millimeter (5 micron). The particles are carefully dried to achieve a dry substance above 99.8%, before packed and sealed for distribution.
    A MHE® thermogravimetric analysis [TGA] shows to meet the market demands on a flame retardant in similarity to the bench-mark of PBDE.
    MHE® soft coated powder is water resistant.
    MHE® uncoated powder, for example added into PU (polyurethane) foams [MDI or TDI], MHE® acts as a reactant that remains as a stable compound of the PU foam, totally water resistant.

    MHE® paste is a dispersion specially made for surface top coating FR protection to be applied when no other application methods are available.
    MHE® paste is primarily used as a surface protection layer treatment on polymer materials for example polyester fibre material insulation blocks.

    MHE® aqueous solutions are specially designed for FR penetrations of natural fibre materials like canvas, cotton fibers, Kraft-paper, cigarette filters and other paper product applications. i.e.

  • Active Fire Fighting - MHE®FF powder particles respectively MHE®PFF aqueous solution is recommended for usage in wild forest fires, as well as in fire extinguishers respectively Hi-Fog sprinkler systems.

  • MHE® might act as a Foam Agent in compressed air foam systems.

    Note that the MHE® aqueous solution is only a carrier of MHE® active substances with the mission to improve the penetration into fibrous materials when required