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Chapter 9


There are manufacture experiences of MHE® fire retardant additive products in Europe and Australia.
The contract manufacturers are well experienced, and know how to best produce MHE® flame retardant products to meet the customer demands on the products.

Both contractors have expressed their interest and capability to expand the manufacturing capability, meeting the market requests on MHE® product volumes, coated or uncoated soft powder, or paste, or aqueous solutions.

However, Trulstech Group has decided to sell the MHE® sustainable product technology development.
The reason for the decision is the requirement of capital injection, setting-up a Bio-Eco processing plant focusing on impregnation of natural fibre materials.
Nevertheless, Trulstech Group will continue to co-operate with the international affiliated network of toll-processing laboratories, both in Australia and North America.
Hopefully, it will make it a little bit more easy for anyone taking over the MHE® sustainable product technology development, supporting MHE® clients on respectively continent.



Polymer, Plastic and Adhesives
EPDM Rubber
EVA Latex
paints and lacquers
PVC-film, PVC-pipes, PVC solids
ABS, polyurethane, PP

PC Boards
Insulation materials
Shock absorption materials

Furniture and Bedding

Natural fibers => Canvas, Cotton, Wool
Synthetic fibers => viscose, polyester, PLA

Wood and paper
Packaging materials
Cellulose wool
Pulp and paper production
Fibre boards and profiles

Solid wood products

Automotive industry
Shock absorbers
Acoustic insulation materials
Interior materials - synthetic leather & textiles

Building materials
Interiors and decoration production
Carpets and flooring
Insulation materials

MHE® FR treated materials:
· Cellulose wool
· Kraft-paper
· Cotton
· Wool
· Wood
· Cellulose fibre
· Bio-fibre
· Bio-polymer
· Polymer filters
· Woven and non-woven fibre
· EPDM-rubber
· Latex
· Lacquers
· Adhesives
· Polyamides
· Polyurethane (PUR)
· PVC-film
· Polyester fibers
· Bitumen
On-going MHE® FR integration treatment on customers' demand:
· Epoxy, linoleum and parquet flooring
· 100% recyclable bio polymers
· Cabling and conductors
· Extruded rubber
· Acoustic insulation materials
· Kraft paper and carton paper boards
· Lacquer and paint for industrial coating
· Glue and adhesives
· Latex, latex foam and wall-to-wall carpets
· Mattress and furniture padding
· PU-foam for mattresses
· PU-foam for furniture bolstering
· PU-foam for construction applications